QXpress Scheduling Software Platinum Edition Features

Includes all of the QXpress Core Features and Gold Edition Features plus these additional benefits:


Multi-Day Project Scheduling

Project Scheduling allows you to schedule a multi-day service, with many different tasks, assigned to one or more crews, spanning an indefinite date range. Each scheduled visit of the project can have a different material load list setup that you can use to let crews know what materials to take with them each day. Available in QXpress Platinum and QXpress Enterprise only.

Login Login Permissions

Enhance security with Login Permissions. Setup users in QXpress to limit which screens they can see, what actions they can perform, and which crews' schedules they can view. Available in QXpress Platinum and QXpress Enterprise only.


Create Your Own Reports

QXpress is software without limits! Other scheduling programs make you conform to just built-in reports. QXpress allows you to make any kind of report you need - whether it be just a simple customer list, or an advanced job costing report. Available in QXpress Platinum and Enterprise only.


Create Estimates, Proposals and Renewal Letters

Produce professional looking estimates and documents. The Template Designer allows you send advanced and personalized letters to your customers. You can apply filters to your letters so that you can target which of your customers you want to market to. Available in QXpress Platinum and Enterprise only.



Use Memorized Filter Lists to filter which customers you target with marketing letters. Available in QXpress Platinum and QXpress Enterprise only.

QXpress Core Features
Core Features:

  • QuickBooks integration using QX-SYNC Technology
  • One Time Recurring Scheduling
  • Batch Invoicing
  • Custom Route List, Work Order and Invoice Templates

QXpress Gold Edition
Additional Features:

  • Zone Based Scheduling
  • Track Labor Time and Material Usage
  • Basic Contact Management
  • 150 Custom Fields Per Customer, 15 Per Service

Plans Starting At:

QXpress Enterprise Edition
Additional Features:

  • Unlimited Database Capability
  • Increased Speed Performance Over the Network
  • SQL Engine for Secure Database Storage

Plans Starting At:

*Minimum 1 year term agreement.